Hardwood Floors

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Since wood flooring follows the general contour of the subfloor, your floor will only be as level as what is underneath it. The general industry specifications are that the floor be flat to within 1/8” in 6’, or 3/16” in 10’. Please note that this specification refers to planarity, or flatness, not how level the floor is. Don’t expect to place a marble on the floor and not have it roll. If you are concerned about flatness or level of your floors, you may need to have your builder or a general contractor check and repair your subfloor prior to wood flooring installation. Also, do not count on the sanding process to level a floor, since a very small amount of wood is typically removed during the sanding process.


Coutura Design Inpirations

Come see our beatufiul showroom at Coutura Design Inpirations.  Coutura is located just north of Furniture Row at 6380 Corporate Centre Circle.